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Questions about our membership types? Scroll down for more information.

Membership Form

    *You must be a member of Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. to be a voting member of WisRID. Associate, student, and organizational members cannot participate in any binding votes, but may participate in advisory votes.*
  • Please select what information you would like excluded from the annual directory
  • Do you want your name to be passed on to other organizations?
  • Donation WisRID is a registered 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax-deductible. Please indicate if you want your donation used towards a specific fund otherwise check "General Fund" Enter Donation Amount:

Application Procedure

1: Complete the online membership application on the left.

2: After completing the application, remember to pay. You can either pay through Paypal (listed below) or submit Vouchers.

3: Student Schedules and Vouchers may be emailed to the Membership Secretary at: [email protected]

NOTE: All checks must be made payable to "WisRID"

Checks may be mailed to: PO Box 370698, Milwaukee, WI 53208

Type of Membership

Adding a Donation with your Membership Application

Donations may be made by individuals or organizations to the Leo Dicker Memorial Fund, the Hedy Miller Memorial Fund, or to the General Fund. All donations are tax deductible.

Please note: You do NOT need to log into your membership portal to renew your membership.

  • The WisRID Interpreter and E-Interpreter - Utilize your annual issues of the WisRID Interpreter and the E-Interpreter as they arrive.
  • Membership Directory - The WisRID Membership Directory is an additional benefit for members.
  • Scholarships for Performance Tests - Take advantage of the Performance Test Scholarships.
  • Discounted Rates at Workshops - Take advantage of discounted rates at WisRID sponsored workshops!
  • Conference/Annual Business Meeting - Network, enhance skills, and receive updates on your organization at the Conference. Watch the website for dates and location. One of the highlighted activities of WisRID is the annual Conference!
  • Eligible for Training Funds - Apply to the Leo Dicker Memorial Fund or the Hedy Miller Memorial Fund to receive financial support for trainings and mentoring.

Membership Categories & Eligibility

Voting Members are those individuals who have paid their annual dues to WisRID and are members in good standing with RID, Inc.

Members are unable to vote, if they are not members of RID, Inc.


Associate Members are those individuals who have paid their annual dues to WisRID but are not members of RID, Inc.

Charter Members are those individuals who paid their dues on or before April 24, 1971 in support of the establishment of the Wisconsin Chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. Their names shall appear on the final page of these Bylaws.

  1. Regular Charter Members are members in good standing with WisRID and RID, Inc.
  2. Associate Charter Members are members who have not paid WisRID dues.

Honorary Members are those individuals whose long time membership to WisRID, long time service to the field and/or service to WisRID are honored by receiving lifelong free membership to WisRID.

  • Any regular WisRID member may recommend a person for Honorary Membership by submitting that person’s name in writing to the WisRID Board. The Board may then recommend that person to the general membership. The person may receive Honorary Member status after receiving a majority vote by the membership.
  • Honorary Members are not required to pay WisRID dues. However, they will have voting privileges provided they maintain membership with RID. Honorary Members receive standard benefits of membership such as the annual or online newsletter and Member rates at WisRID events.
  • The Membership Secretary will keep a record of all Honorary Members and their names shall appear on the final page of the WisRID Bylaws.

Student Members are those pre-certified individuals currently enrolled in a course of study in interpretation of American Sign Language and English and/or the transliteration of English.

  • In accordance with RID’s Bylaws, WisRID Student Member must be any pre-certified individual currently enrolled in a course of study in interpretation of American Sign Language and English and/or transliteration of English.
  • The fee for Student Members is three-fourths (3/4) the amount of regular membership dues. Student Members may participate in professional development workshops and trainings at a student membership rate.Student Members may also attend board meetings and annual business meetings.

Organization Members shall be any organization with an interest in supporting the purpose and activities of WisRID. Each Organizational Membership shall have one Primary Representative designated. The organizational Primary Representative shall have one vote in order to represent the wishes of the organization.

Supporting Members are those individuals who are not interpreters or interpreting students. Supporting Members do not have voting rights or access to WisRID scholarships. Examples of Supporting Members include Deaf/Deaf-Blind/Hard-of-Hearing individuals (who are not Deaf Interpreters/Certified Deaf Interpreters), ASL students (who are not yet in the interpreter training program) as well as family and friends of WisRID Members.

  • Supporting membership is open to the general public and to those who support the mission of WisRID.
  • Supporting Member individuals will receive the following benefits: access to the Member’s Only online portal, WisRID newsletter, and discounts to WisRID sponsored workshops and events.
  • Supporting Members will not have the right to vote, hold office, or have access to scholarships. This membership is not available for interpreters or interpreting students.
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