Funds raised from the annual silent auction at Fall Conference go to support this scholarship. 

Annual Application Deadlines:

  • February 15th 
  • July 15th

Scholarship Info:

All written exams are excluded from this scholarship (i.e. NIC written, EIPA written, BEI Test of English Proficiency, etc.) with the exception of the QMHI exam. 

The following exams will be supported by this scholarship:

  • WITA
  • EIPA
  • NIC
  • BEI (Basic, Advanced, Master)
  • CDI
  • QMHI (written exam)

The number of scholarships able to be awarded may change depending on the financial stability of WisRID. Each scholarship will cover the fees for taking a performance test excluding additional charges for out-of-state or non-member rate. Candidates are asked if they are receiving additional assistance for the exam to indicate the amount and the amount remaining would then be covered by this scholarship. Candidates can only receive one performance test scholarship per calendar year. If a candidate applies for the first deadline and is not selected as a scholarship recipient, then he/she may reapply for the second deadline. Recipients that have not received a scholarship in the past calendar year will get priority. 

Only Voting, Associate, and Student Members of WisRID in good standing may apply for scholarships
Members of the Scholarship Review Group are not eligible to apply for this scholarship

Performance Test Scholarship Application Procedure:

Applications are accepted annually and must be submitted online by 5pm on February 15th and July 15th

Application Materials
All applications must include the following items and submitted online:

  • General Scholarship Application Form (log-in to your nember profile to access this application)
  • Letter of intent explaining why the candidate is qualified to receive the scholarship
    • Letter of intent should emphasize educational background, interpreting experience, and any involvement with WisRID and RID
    • The letter of intent must also identify the test for which the candidate is applying
  • Letters of Recommendation
    • One (1) letter of recommendation submitted by a RID nationally certified interpreter, who is not a relative and not an interpreter trainer in a formally established interpreter training program
    • One (1) letter of recommendation submitted by a Deaf consumer, who is not a relative and not an interpreter trainer in a formally established interpreter training program
    • One (1) letter of recommendation submitted by an individual, who may or may not be an interpreter or Deaf consumer, but can speak to the candidate‚Äôs character, communication skills, and other outstanding qualities
  • Video Recommendations
    • Videos in ASL are allowed to be submitted in lieu of a written letter of recommendation.
    • Videos must be no more than four (4) minutes in length.  Video link must be submitted by applicant along with other application materials.

Scholarship Voucher:
Scholarship recipients will receive an award letter along with a voucher. All vouchers must be used within one (1) year after date of award letter. Persons who fail to redeem their scholarship voucher within one (1) year forfeit their scholarship, Vouchers can be redeemed by submitting them to the WisRID Treasurer along with proof of test registration and payment. Candidates must submit a signed Proof of Test Completion form by the testing administrator, such as the LTA, to the Performance Test Scholarship Coordinator. Voucher will only reimburse a candidate for the test on their scholarship application. The candidate does not have to pass the test to receive reimbursement.

If you have any questions about the scholarship or the application please contact the Scholarship Coordinator at