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The Professional Development Committee’s purpose is to sponsor various professional development opportunities to meet the needs of all WisRID members in diverse areas of the state.
Responsibilities include:
1.  Be responsive to the professional development needs of all WisRID members.
2.  Organize and manage a minimum of two (2) educational activities and workshops to meet the needs of WisRID members.
3.  Be accessible as a resource to interpreting related events or workshops.
4.  Collaborate with the Educational Interpreter Committee in regards to educational interpreter professional development opportunities.
5.  Collaborate with the Mentoring Committee in regards to mentor/mentee professional development opportunities.
6.  Submit proposed budget for approval to the Treasurer thirty (30) days prior to any event requiring funding from the Board.
7.  Prepare a financial report and submit to the Treasurer within thirty days after an event.
8.  The committee must meet quarterly. Additional meetings may be required based on the activity of the PDC.  Meetings can be in person or via teleconference.
9.  The chair of the committee will submit an annual report to the Vice President by Oct 1st.