CHAIR: Andrea Metzger

Committee Member(s): Sarah Boritzke

Contact Information:
The Nominations Committee’s purpose is to compile a list of potential nominees for the WisRID Board elections at Fall Conference. The chairperson shall be appointed by the WisRID President. The chairperson shall select at least two other Regular Members who are not members of the Board. 
Responsibilities include:
1.  Approach qualified members and nominate them for various Board positions. The nominees shall be members in good standing of WisRID for one year prior to nomination.
2.  Obtain permission from the potential nominees prior to the business meeting at Fall Conference.
3.  Submit the list of willing nominees to the President two weeks prior to Fall Conference.
4.  The names of nominees will be announced prior to the elections.
5.  The committee must meet bi-annually. Meetings can be in person or via teleconference.
6.  The chair of the committee will submit an annual report to the Vice President by Oct 1st. 

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