CHAIR: Vacant


The Mentoring Committee’s purpose is to create a vehicle for members to access mentorship opportunities available throughout the state.

Responsibilities include:

1.  Collaborate with other entities (such as Wisconsin Association of the Deaf, Interpreter Training Programs, and interpreter service providers, and the Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing).
2.  Research grants and other resources for the purpose of funding sustainable mentoring programs.
3.  Research other states/entities to find a successful mentoring model.
4.  Collaborate with the PDC Committee to coordinate mentoring workshops both for mentors and mentees.
5.  The committee must meet quarterly. Meetings can be in person or via teleconference.
6.  Submit proposed budget for approval to the Treasurer sixty (60) days prior to any event requiring funding from the Board.
7.  The chair of the committee will submit an annual report to the Vice President by Oct 1st.