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As of October 2016 the Sign Language Interpreter Task Force is dissolved. WAD and WisRID are in discussion of establishing a joint Legislative Committee


Contact: Pam Conine (Chair of SLIT): 

Past Meeting Minutes

January 6th: Read Meeting Minutes 

February 3rd: Read Meeting Minutes

March 2nd: Meeting Minutes

April 6th: Meeting Minutes, PowerPoint, DSPS vs. DPI License FAQ, Video Playlist

May 4th: Meeting Minutes, Video Playlist, Subcommittees, ODHH PowerPoint, ODHH Hierarchy

June 1st: Meeting Minutes, Video Playlist 

July/August -- Break for Subcommittee work

September 7th:  Meeting MinutesVideo PlaylistWisconsin Interpreter License Proficiency RequirementsEnforcement Subcommittee RecommendationDSPS-DPI Subcommittee Notes

October 2nd: Meeting Minutes, Deaf Interpreter Subcommittee Reccommendation, Interpreter License Draft Bill, Video Playlist


General Information on Interpreter Licenses in Wisconsin


 Memo From the Department of Safety and Professional Services (Interpreted into ASL by DHS)