How to Prepare Yourself to Testify in a Legislative Hearing


Public Hearing Announced for November 30th


AB589/SB465 (formerly LRB-4250*) will be presented in front of a committee soon and we will need community members to testify at a public hearing. Here is how you can prepare yourself:


A Citizen’s Guide to Participation in the Wisconsin State Legislature: How to Testify at a Public Hearing


Template for Testifying in Front of a Legislative Committee on Interpreter Licensure Bill AB589/SB465 (formerly LRB-4250*)


Summary of AB589/SB465 (Formerly LRB-4250*)


Any member of the public can come to the hearing and register for or against a bill, give in-person testimony, or send in written testimony. If you would like to send in written testimony, please email it to, CC Rep.Brostoff@legis.wi.govAND ask that the testimony be shared with all members of the committee. Note: This applies to the Assembly Public Hearing held on November 30th. 


Brief Outline for Preparing Your Testimony (in person or written)

  1. Your name and where you're from
  2. Identify the problems in our current interpreter licensure law
  3. Share a personal story of how the current law has impacted you negatively OR if you don't have a story, how passionately you feel about the changes and how it will impact future interpreters
  4. Explain how AB589/SB465 will solve the problems you identified
  5. Thank the committee and urge them to support AB589/SB465


*Why does the number keep changing? The LRB number is a reference to the bill draft. When a bill is introduced in the Assembly it is given an AB###. When a bill is introduced to the Senate it is given an SB###.