Hedy Miller Memorial Fund

The Hedy Miller Memorial Fund is available to Voting, Associate, and Student members seeking assistance with professional development or mentoring costs relating to legal or relgious interpreting.  Submit your request to the Hedy Miller Memorial Fund Coordinator two months or more prior to the fee deadline for the class, workshop, etc. you would like to participate in.  Requests can be made for up to half of the actual registration cost and up to half of your travel expenses.  The actual amount awarded to each recipient will depend on the amount of funds available and the number of applicants for a given year.  

The Scholarship Review Group will consider the merits of your request as well as the current solvency of the fund and make the recommendation to the board to either award or decline funds or partial funds accordingly.

Your application packet must include:

  • Proof of WisRID membership
  • Advertisement of the activity with full registration contact information
  • A description of the registration costs and travel costs
  • The specific amount of funds you are requesting
  • An explanation of the benefit of attendance to you
  • An explanation of the benefit of attendance to WisRID
  • An account of your volunteer activities related to WisRID events/committees, as well as those in the Deaf community, in which you are, or have been involved.

Send application packet to the Hedy Miller Memorial Fund Coordinator at trainingfunds@wisrid.org 

Recipients will be responsible to pay the difference between the funds awarded and the cost of the activity.  Only one (1) grant will be awarded per member per year.