Chair: Adele (Dee) Martin Boyle

Committee Member(s): Eve Dicker Eiseman, Rick Harris, and Bambi Riehl

Contact Information:

The Historical Committee’s purpose is to develop and maintain records tracking the development of WisRID.

Responsibilities include:

1.  Records must be kept in a secure facility.
2.  Maintain current historical event documentation such as; Board members, Scholarship award recipients, etc. 
3.  The committee must meet twice annually. Meetings can be in person or via teleconference.
4.  Committee chair will submit an annual report to the Vice-President by Oct 1st.


The Historical Committee would like to thank Susan Gallanis for serving as committee chair 2014-2016 along with spearheading major projects including the WisRID Digital Historical Archives and Interview with Arvilla Rank video series.