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How to Locate Your Legislators

Find your Senator (Senate representative) and Representative (Assembly representative)

Step 1: Go to https://legis.wisconsin.gov/


Step 2: Enter your address into the search box above "Find Your Legislator"

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Step 3: Click on your legislator's name for more information

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Step 4: Gather important information about your legisator

Use the Madison Office address to mail letters (can mail, email, or both)

Call the Telephone number to set up an appointment or follow up on a recent communication

Email your legislator

If the Staff person responds to the email, continue to include the legislator's email in all communication. Staff may be responsible for scheduling appointments with the legislator or may meet with you if the legislator is unavailable. Be persistent and ask to meet directly with your legislator. 

Check if your legislator sits on committee(s). A committee is a small group of legislators that study bills related to the committee's focus. 

For licensure, the following committees are likely to review the interpreter licensure bill:

If your legislator is not on the above committee, encourage them to speak with colleagues on these specific committees about the interpreter licensure bill. 

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