CHAIR: Michelle Andrae

Committee Members: Casey Neuman

Contact Information: 
The Financial Development Committee’s purpose is to develop and implement successful fundraising opportunities for WisRID.
Responsibilities include:
1.  Investigate and coordinate activities and mechanisms that promote year-round organizational income to support the purpose and objectives of WisRID.
2.  The committee must meet quarterly. Meetings can be in person or via teleconference.
3.  The committee will coordinate a minimum of two fundraising events and/or activities annually.
4.  Submit a written proposal to the Board thirty days prior to any fundraising event.
5.  All fundraising monies must be submitted to the Treasurer for deposit within thirty days after the event.
6.  Prepare a financial report and submit to the Treasurer within thirty days after each fundraiser.
7.  The chair of the committee will submit an annual report to the WisRID Vice-President by October 1st.