CHAIR: Vacant

Committee Member(s): Kallie Rank, Carley Meister, Rebecca Nettie, Sarah Boritzke, Tracy Allen, Alex Thimmesch

Contact Information: Dana Gordon 

The Educational Interpreter Committee’s purpose is to maintain the networking, collaboration, and support of educational K-12, and post-secondary interpreters who are WisRID Members.

Responsibilities include:

1.  Maintain a current list serve of Wisconsin educational interpreters.
2.  Work in collaboration with the PDC committee to provide a minimum of two (2) workshops or educational activities annually addressing the needs of educational interpreters.
3.  Submit proposed budget for approval to the Treasurer thirty (30) days prior to any event requiring funding from the Board.
4.  Prepare a financial report and submit to the Treasurer within thirty (30) days after an event.
5.  Encourage WisRID membership within the field of educational interpreting.
6.  Establish guidelines to assist the empowerment of educational interpreters.