WisRID is an RID Approved CMP Sponsor

As a state chapter of the national Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), one of Wisconsin RID’s goals is to support and promote RID's system of certification in order to strive for competent interpreter services. To that end, we maintain the privilege of serving as a Sponsor for the RID Certified Maintenance Program (CMP) for CEUs. 

After thoughtful consideration and research into national standards, WisRID has implemented changes to the procedure that is used in processing CEU requests from non-members. They are as follows:

  1. Individual WisRID members receive CEU processing at no charge.
  2. Organizational members receive 1 free Activity form/number per incident.
    • Additional activities incur a $5.00 fee each
    • Example: a 5-workshop conference would cost $20
  3. Non-member individuals/entities would be charged:
    • $15 per Academic form (used for coursework)
    • $10 per PINRA form (used for non-credit coursework/non RID workshops)
    • $20 per Independent Study form (WisRID is not currently approved for IS)
    • $10 per Activity form (used for workshops and conferences)

Click here to see a full description of Academic, PINRA, Independent Study, and Sponsor Initiated Activities

Procedure for offering CEU's at your next event:

  1. All requests should be made at minimum 45 days prior to event date
  2. Gather the following information to submit with your request:
    • Completed instructor/presenter form (Only the updated version will be accepted, click here to download)
    • Event flyer with the six required promotional items per RID
    • Proof of WisRID membership or fee payment for processing CEUs (see above)
  3. Contact our CMP Sponsor at cmp@wisrid.org with your request or questions.

If you would like to apply for membership as an individual or as an organization please see our Membership Application for WisRID Individual or Organizational members. You are always welcome to email WisRID's CMP Sponsor at cmp@wisrid.org for personal guidance. 

Thank you and we look forward to our continued partnership in growing and strengthening the sign language interpreting profession!