2019 Candidates for Open Board Positions


Jonathan Thomm


My name is Jonathan Thomm. I’m currently serving as the Vice President and I'm running for my 2nd term. I graduated from UW-Milwaukee in 2011, and immediately started working with Professional Interpreting Enterprise. Since then I’ve done some freelance work with “Magic” Matt Morgan for his performances. In addition, I work at Sorenson Video Relay Service. Currently I’m living in Milwaukee with my wife Casey, our son Trevor, and our two cats, Rowdy and Pieper.

For my 2nd term I want to continue to focus on growing our membership to better represent all ASL interpreters in Wisconsin, and continue to push for more membership involvement. Continuing to work with the Deaf community we serve is also crucial. If we continue to strengthen the bond between our communities we can improve our representation and improve services to all.

Additionally, I would like to add more value to the WisRID membership. It would be nice to have more opportunities for free professional development and resources. By partnering with other groups that share our mission, this can be possible. We must continue to be green and growing.

Thank you

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Communications Director

Sarah Grabko

Hello, my name is Sarah Grabko. First, thank you for nominating me for the position of Communications Director. I currently live in Stevens Point with husband and my dog. I work as a community interpreter who works in several settings including K-12 work. I have been involved with WisRID for over 10 years. I have served as a Conference co-chair, membership secretary and on the conference planning and communications committees. I currently serve as the chair of the Communications committee. I believe my years of experience serving in different roles will help me serve WisRID. My current duties as communication chair will also allow me to easily transition into this role if elected. Thank you again for the honor of this nomination.

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Cassandra DaValt

Hello, my name is Cassandra DaValt and I have been nominated for the position of secretary for the WisRID board. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Exceptional Education with a focus on interpreting and ASL studies from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

After graduating, I worked in several K-12 school districts before obtaining my present position in the post secondary setting. Currently I am interpreting and captioning for both the UW and Technical School systems as well as VRS.

In 2011 and 2013 I enjoyed volunteering for the WisRID annual conference and in 2017 planned a skill development workshop with a focus on vocational topics as a part of the Professional Development Committee.

If elected secretary, I will work with the board and members to disseminate information in a clear and organized manner. My motivation, organization, and dedication would be an asset to the board. I am excited to be a part of this leadership team and am looking forward to the hard work and dedication required for this role.

Thank you for this nomination and the opportunity to serve.

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Maralyn Maloney

I have been a working interpreter since 2010 in various settings such as K-12, freelance, VRS and post-secondary. I have been a trustee on the WisRID board for the last two years, I was on the planning committee for 2018's Region 3 and the planning committee for WisRID’s Fall conference in 2014. I believe I would be a good candidate for the secretary position since I have always been detail orientated; I enjoy making lists and being organized, as well as planning events. The last two years as trustee has taught me the operations of WisRID, which I think is a benefit going into the position of secretary-- the Board heavily focuses on email communication and documenting everything on Google Drive therefore, having that experience and knowing how to navigate the Drive I believe are valuable skills for this position. I appreciate the opportunity to be nominated for the secretary position and I look forwards to making great things happen!

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Student Liasion

Audrianna Murphy

Hello, my name is Audrianna (Audrie) Murphy, I am in the Interpreting program at University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee I will Graduate in the Spring of 2019. I am from Green Bay. I got into American Sign Language in High school, where I had a great opportunity to take two years for free at our community college. As I enter my last year of college I realize that there is an option for me to make a difference in the student interpreting community by applying for this position. I know I am qualified for this position because I understand the current struggles of all the changes in the field and am currently going through it with my fellow students. I also feel strongly about how students should stick together, not only at UWM, but also at MATC and NCTC in Wausau. When in this position, I would love to sit down and share all the updates not only at meetings but in the community feel strongly about having access to everything, for example other programs may have resources that we can use to not focus on the programs themselves but at the students on the programs. How can we improve as students? I look forward to working with you all and thank you for your time.

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Sara Kay Gengler

Hello! My name is Sara Kay Gengler; I am a second year Interpreter Training Program (ITP) student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) and I am running for the WisRID Student Liaison position. I recently went to the RID Region III conference here in Milwaukee where I enjoyed workshops on leadership, which really gave me the motivation to run for the Student Liaison position. The RID Region III conference was the first conference that I have experienced that had events specifically for students, such as: student prep session, student social, and student debrief session. This opportunity really enhanced the student experience and I would like to see it continue in future conferences, as well as help it expand. If I were to become the student liaison, I would like to participate in all WisRID board meetings, as well as build and foster relationships with all the ITPs in Wisconsin. I hope to work with WisRID as the Student Liaison to have the student prospective shared and acknowledged, as well as keeping students across Wisconsin involved and knowledgeable on what is happening. Overall, I pride myself on being professional, friendly, and responsible which I believe are attributes that would make me a successful WisRID Student Liaison.

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 sara 2018