Please email the Nominations Committee Chair at with any questions.


2017 Nominations Deadline: August 7th, 2017

2017 Voting Period: September 11th - September 25th 2017


Call for Nominations for the 2018 Board Members: An Opportunity to Serve the Profession

One of the most rewarding experiences available to professionals is the opportunity to work side-by-side with cherished colleagues in pursuit of a common vision and goals. Such an opportunity now exists within WisRID.

WisRID is now accepting nominations for individuals prepared to offer their leadership in service on the Board. These key positions in WisRID provide the opportunity to guide the future growth and direction of the organization- to make a real difference for interpreters, students of interpreting, and the Deaf Community we serve.

Please take the time to consider running for one of these key positions and/or nominating qualified individuals to serve. If you would like to suggest someone you think would be a good candidate, the committee would be happy to contact her/him on your behalf. Please submit all of your nominations using the form below. 

Nominations are being solicited for the following positions:
*President- 2 years
*Treasurer- 2 years
*Member-at-Large- 2 years
*Trustee- 2 years
*Student Liaison- 1 year

A description of these positions can be found in the WisRID Bylaws and Policies and Procedures Manual

Board Eligibility Requirements

Refer to Bylaws Article IV Section 2 Eligibility Requirements

  • RID Membership Status

    • Candidates must be a member in good standing with RID.

  • WisRID Membership Status

    • Candidates must be a current Voting Member of WisRID and have held membership for at least one (1) year prior to election.

    • Student Liaison is not required to be a Voting Member of WisRID.

    • Student Liaison is not required to be a member of WisRID for a full year preceding the election.

Nominations Open: June 5th
Nominations Deadline: August 7th

A slate of candidates, their qualifications, and their platform will be published on the WisRID website on September 4th, followed by electronic ballots being sent to all eligible members (via email) on September 11th.

Voting: The election process will take place electronically September 11th-25th.