Membership Dues

If you are a member of national RID, Inc.
WisRID voting member $24.00

If you are not a member of national RID, Inc.
WisRID associate member $24.00

If you are a student (can be a member of national RID, Inc. but not required)
WisRID student member $18.00

Student Members:  In accordance with RID’s Bylaws, WisRID Student Member must be any pre-certified individual currently enrolled in a course of study in interpretation of American Sign Language and English and/or transliteration of English.

Organizational membership $27.00

If you are not an interpreter or interpreting student (i.e. Deaf community member, ASL student, supporter, etc.) 
Supporting member $10.00


Application Procedure


Please complete the online membership application by selecting the appropriate membership type. The online application will automatically transfer you to PayPal to complete payment. If you prefer to send check or money order you may download, print, and mail in the following application: Mail-In Member Application.

(NOTE: All checks must be made payable to "WisRID")

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the form. To download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free:  CLICK HERE

You must be a member of national RID, Inc. to be a voting member of WisRID. Associate, student, and organizational members cannot participate in any binding votes, but may participate in advisory votes.



Log into your member profile and fill out the renewal form online. 

If you would like to renew by mail please fill out the Membership Application and check "renewal" at the top. 



If you missed the final September 30th deadline for membership renewal and your online account has been disabled please fill out a reinstatement application online


Adding a Donation with your Membership Application:

Donations may be made by individuals or organizations to the Leo Dicker Memorial Fund, the Hedy Miller Memorial Fund, or to the General Fund. All donations are tax deductible.

Membership Benefits

Welcome to WisRID! By joining WisRID, you will receive many benefits. Here are some ideas on getting the most out of your membership.

  • The WisRID Interpreter and E-Interpreter - Utilize your annual issues of the WisRID Interpreter and the E-Interpreter as they arrive.
  • Membership Directory - The WisRID Membership Directory is an additional benefit for members.
  • Scholarships for Performance Tests - Take advantage of the Performance Test Scholarships. For more information an application material CLICK HERE
  • Fall Conference/Annual Business Meeting - Network, enhance skills, and receive updates on your organization at the Fall Conference held between September 1 and November 30. Watch the website for dates and location.  One of the highlighted activities of WisRID is the annual Fall Conference!
  • Discounted Rates at Workshops - Take advantage of discounted rates at WisRID sponsored workshops!  CLICK HERE for a list of upcoming WisRID events and workshops. 
  • Eligible for Training Funds - Apply to the Leo Dicker Memorial Fund or the Hedy Miller Memorial Fund to receive financial support for trainings and mentoring.